6 Internet Marketing Techniques for Newbies

The internet is, without any doubt, one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has made it possible to run businesses, advertise products and services, and also keep in touch with people globally. However, when it comes to business, there is one major thing that remains constant: people won’t buy what is not promoted, which is where internet marketing come into play. Essentially, internet marketing involves the use of various tools and services to make a business reach a larger base of potential customers.

Just as good internet marketing will bring in a considerable number of customers, keep them interested in what you offer, and also make them be more than happy to make a purchase, poor internet marketing will be a total waste of money and time. In the worst scenario, you could even end up doing more harm than good to your business should the marketing be poorly planned. That being said, outlined below are top 6 internet marketing tactics for the newbie to consider.

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most basic and yet a great place for the newbie to start. You need not have a product or service for sale to get started with affiliate marketing. However, you will be promoting other people’s product or service and receive a commission for every sale made. How does it work? You will need to first sign up as an affiliate with the company or business you want to promote its product and you will be given a customized link. Whenever a potential buyer clicks on your link to the main site and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. You can promote different products and earn as many commissions as possible. Another great benefit of affiliate marketing is that it does not require a great deal of money to start. Even though it is ideal for the newbie, it is certainly not for newbies only.

Pay per Click Advertising Campaign

PPC Advertising is another viable marketing route. It enables a website to have links placed directly into search engine results for precise keywords or keyword phrases. The text link can be anything just to entice searchers to click on your advertisement. This type of advertising is priced per click on your advert, and it is a very lucrative sector for internet marketers who know exactly what they are doing. It is an easy way to start, but it can take quite a bit of practice before one sees success.

CPA Marketing

This is an internet marketing procedure where an advertiser pays for a particular action that must be taken by potential clients. The payout of this action is delivered to the affiliate who sent the prospective customer to the advertiser’s web page whenever the prospective customer completes the specific action. This action can range from buying a product or using a service to filling in an application or completing a survey, among others.

Email Marketing

This is an effective way to promote products, services, and events to both current and the potential customers. Even businesses also go for this type of low-cost internet marketing technique to reach out to potential clients without the need to hire people to put up posters or distribute flyers. Another good thing about email marketing is that you can include a touch of creativity through custom-made emails. Additionally, email marketing can help you earn money faster than you can spend. As a beginner, you can make use of free e-mail services like MailChimp.

Content marketing

This is a way of communicating with your customers on a regular basis without the intention of selling. This internet marketing tactic should be aimed at educating consumers while delivering reliable and helpful information to buyers who, in turn, reward your business with their loyalty.

Video marketing

Youtube remains the second largest search engine and the third most visited website globally. Therefore, marketing your business through videos like those found on Youtube can bring more exposure to your business. The video can be of any length, and have any message, content or support for a cause.

Internet marketing is still a quite new medium, and is continually changing. However, the changes are aimed to enable businesses to reach potential customers more quickly and easily.

Do you know of any other internet marketing tactics for beginners that you think should be on this list? Please feel free to comment on this post.